September 9, 2022

Apples are ready!  We have a few varieties now available for pick your own.  These include Paula Reds, Connell Reds, Cortland, Chestnut Crabs and a few others not sure of the variety.  Pick off tree at $2/lb or out of windfall boxes at $1/lbs.  We will have fresh cider made a few times this season, you can sign up if you wish a jug.  Because it is fresh, we would ask you to pick up the day produced or very shortly after.  We will have Haralsons, Liberty and Honeycrisp in weeks to follow.  PLEASE MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR PICKING APPLES.  Call or Text  507-665-5055  Thank you!

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Farmer’s market has resumed in Henderson, MN on Tuesday nights from 5-7:30.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are available there as well as fresh baked goods which is what you will find at our stand.  Don’t forget to check out the Salsa lady with her many exotic flavors of hot and spicy salsa.  Free samples are available.  Also, check out the classic cars which roll in here each Tuesday night.

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We also do custom baked goods.  My specialty is whole wheat bread made with fresh ground organic wheat, oatmeal, honey and real butter.  I am also offering fry pies, kolaches and various crisps this year at our farmer’s Market in Henderson, Tuesday nights from 5 to 7.

We are a licensed cottage food industry with the State of MN and are not subject to their inspections.




We also have free range chicken eggs available at $4.00 a carton,  and homemade whole wheat bread ($4) made by order only.  Please call us for up to date information on times and dates.  Thank you.  507-665-5055

Enjoy your summer!

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IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION, PLEASE CALL US!  507-665-5055 (This number receives messages and expect a call back soon.   We have had so much trouble with scammers and solicitors so it all gets screened first.)

A special thank you to  for allowing us to make ourselves known to friends like  you!  Be sure to check out their many pages of cooking tips, recipes and other ideas for using our great products!