August 16, 2017

New this year and for a very limited time, we are offering home grown pears.  These are totally spray free  and grown the natural way.  Good for fresh eating!  We sold them at the Rollin for 4/1.00 but can also sell by the pound.  $1/pound

We have beautiful salad cucumbers coming in now as well.  They are juicy and crisp.  Good keepers.  These are 2/ 1.00.  Bulk prices available on request.

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For those of you who love the classic cars and trucks, our Henderson Classic Car Rollin started for this season and runs to September 26.  We have our Farmer’s Market stand there and each Tuesday from 5-8:30 we sell our homemade bakery goods.  Our specialty is the fresh ground wheat berries – wheat bread and our homemade fruit turnovers which we sell at our stand.  Come and check us out and others in Henderson!




We also have free range chicken eggs available at $3.50 a carton,  and homemade whole wheat bread ($4) made by order only.  Please call us for up to date information on times and dates.  Thank you.  507-665-5055

Enjoy your summer!

Need of homemade bread?  Let me know and I will make a batch for you!  This is fresh ground wheat, oatmeal and honey type bread.  It is the best!!!!  They are $4 (a pound and half size) loaf.  Buy a few loafs and pop them in the freezer..

Say, “HI” to Lexi and Tinkerbell.

Don’t forget to visit us too!

We will be looking for you!

See you then!!!!!


Young children are welcome to enjoy the grounds, during raspberry season,  where they can look at the geese, turkeys, chickens and guineas.  There is food available for feeding them as well.  We also have other animals on grounds including two kid friendly ponies to interact with.  Please note that working farms have their dangers.  Please always supervise children while on the grounds.  We are not responsible for injuries.

A special thank you to  for allowing us to make ourselves known to friends like  you!  Be sure to check out their many pages of cooking tips, recipes and other ideas for using our great products!