July 28, 2020

Raspberry season is over for the year.  Pears are expected to ripen second week of August followed by our sprayfree apples in September and October.  Please check back if you are interested in these.  We will offer prepicked heirloom tomatoes in August/September as well.

We are producing more eggs then before as we took in rescue birds that were being slaughtered in Iowa due to the covid 19 shutdowns of egg processing.  These birds came to me nearly starved and dehydrated.  Thankfully,  after two months of rehab, these birds are up and running and we have many eggs to offer, free of antibiotics and hormones.


Due to the shutdown of the Covid19, we do not have Farmer’s Market in Henderson on Tuesday Nights at this time.  However,  hopefully, in a couple months we will be able to set up again.  Meanwhile, I continue to do custom baking for anyone that wishes to buy bread or other goods.

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Pears should come in August.  Apples in September and October.  All spray free.

We also do custom baked goods.  My specialty is whole wheat bread made with fresh ground organic wheat, oatmeal, honey and real butter.  I can bake almost anything!  If you have something in mind for a party or graduation, please contact me and we can figure something out.

We are a licensed cottage food industry with the State of MN and are not subject to their inspections.

I have left up our summer photos for you to enjoy.  Please check back with us this summer for raspberries, pears and later apples.  Thank you.





We also have free range chicken eggs available at $3.50 a carton,  and homemade whole wheat bread ($4) made by order only.  Please call us for up to date information on times and dates.  Thank you.  507-665-5055

Enjoy your summer!

Say, “HI” to Lexi and Tinkerbell.

Don’t forget to visit us too!

We will be looking for you!

See you then!!!!!

IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION, PLEASE CALL US!  507-665-5055 (This number receives messages and expect a call back soon.   We have had so much trouble with scammers and solicitors so it all gets screened first.)

Young children are welcome to enjoy the grounds, during raspberry season,  where they can look at the geese, turkeys, chickens and guineas.  There is food available for feeding them as well.  We also have other animals on grounds including two kid friendly ponies to interact with.  Please note that working farms have their dangers.  Please always supervise children while on the grounds.  We are not responsible for injuries.

A special thank you to www.pickyourown.org  for allowing us to make ourselves known to friends like  you!  Be sure to check out their many pages of cooking tips, recipes and other ideas for using our great products!