A good moment.

Holding a 2 month old hen.

Hanging out with the birds.

Fun out in the field.

A beautiful day to enjoy the country.


The guinea is checking out the kids!

Nice day for berry picking.

Berries enjoyed by the very young.

A fun time.

Fun with the grandkids.

Berry treasure hunt.

Looking for the super good ones.

First experience of raspberry picking.

checking out the chicken

Picking berries in the wind!

Gathering the berries for jam.

checking out the baby duckling.

Feeding the turkeys.

A fun time in the country.

Up close and personal - meeting the young hens.

Feeding the turkeys.

A day on the farm.

A beautiful day for raspberry picking.

Mother and daughter outing.

Checking out the birds.

Many berries for many things!

All the way from India!

Family time.

Finding some strawberries.

Good berry picker.

Leave berry picking for the older kids - I like trucks!

Peapod's family.

Peapod the Westie.

16 half-pint day


Chicken Show.

Looking for the big ones.

Picking those raspberries.

Rides anyone?

So soft!

Visiting the birds.

Happy Birthday!!!!

Taking a wagon tour.