Thank you for being our guests in 2011.

Burt and Vanessa await guests.

Kicking off the strawberry season.

Picking in the rain.

Enjoying time together.

Mom and daughter having fun in the country.

Another hot day in the fields.

Pass the corn flakes.

A sunny smile and a kind heart.

Bringing home the goods.

Meeting a baby chick.Meeting the mini-lop.

Father and son bonding time.

A nice Saturday afternoon.

Hanging out in the Berry House.

Playing in the sandbox.

The day at the farm.

Braving the heat for raspberries.

A family activity.


Spending time with the dog, Vanessa.

Visiting the geese.

Picking raspberries on one of the hottest days of the year!

Braving the hottest days of the years for the berries.

Playing in the sandbox.

A family outing.

A fun conversation.

Searching for more.

Finally a cool day to pick raspberries!

visiting the new ponies


Group Photo.