If you have horses or  ponies and you really could use a slow feeding hay net but are annoyed with how hard they are to load, this frame is for YOU!!!!  We developed this design to find an easy way to load them.  A new net is particularly  difficult because the netting is so tight.  But this frame will  hold the net in place to make easy work of it.  See the demonstration in the photos below.  Each frame is made of recycled steel and painted your choice of Black or McCormick Red.  Built to last years.  $40  They come without the net but can be purchased as an option for $12.  If you have a special need in the design, we can probably do that as well.  Please contact us here at Cherith Farms and lets start making chore time easier.

Hay net 1Hay net 2Hay net 3Hay net 4Hay net 5Hay net 6